About Us

United Excel Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 as an importer of a specific specialty chemical used in the plating industries in Thailand. After almost sixteen years in serving Automotive , Electronics, Jewelry, PCB, Sanitary, and General Plating industries,

United Excel Chemical Co., Ltd. is now a leading supplier in various surface finishing specialty chemical and related chemicals and equipments.

With big team of skilled sales and services engineers, United Excel Chemical Co., Ltd. is ready to take the Thai plating industry to another higher level of surface finishing technology.
Since the beginning of year 2012, United Excel Chemical Co., Ltd. was expanded
to handle a number of well known brands of specialty chemical, including Japanese, German, American,

Swiss, Singaporean,Italian, as well as own brand of various cleaners, that was formulated with
years of experiences in application, and with excellence knowledge in customers' requirement.

United Excel Chemical Co., Ltd. has the following products and facility in warehouse and factory:
1) Japanese Zinc and Zinc Alloy Brighteners and related finishing solution.
2) German Plastic Plating Brighteners in complete process , and related chemicals
3) Italian and Swiss Jewelry Plating Brighteners in precious and non-precious metal plating.
4) Singaporean Electroless Nickel Brighteners in full process
5) American and German Electronics plating technology, full range of chemicals
6) German Printed Circuit Board Plating Brighteners and related chemicals.
7) AMC Brand of various advance pre-treatment and post-treatment chemicals
8) A complete Pilot plating line of Plating on Plastic, to serve any potential customers
who wish to make use of the 100-litre test plating line.

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CONTACT US : 02-3155545-7, Fax : 02-3155548
E-mail : contact@united-excel.com